Protect Your Home with Home Insurance

Autosure have been providing home insurance for homeowners in and around Enfield and across the UK for decades. If you want to protect your building, fixtures and fittings, we can arrange the right Buildings cover for you. Want to make sure your content is safe? Speak to us about contents insurance. If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, then we’ll advise you on the perfect joint buildings and contents insurance.

Poor quality home insurance can cost you thousands. Not having home insurance can cost you your home. We seek out the lowest premiums without compromising on high quality cover.

We know that some homes can be a little out of the ordinary. We know you may have contents that only you will understand the true value of. So, we don’t try to force your requirements onto pre-set online forms. We listen to what you want protected and use our specialist knowledge of household insurance so that your biggest investment and valued possessions are properly covered.

Buildings Insurance

The stress caused by damage to your home because of vandalism, weather damage or fire is made worse when you realise the financial burden of repairs falls on you. Protect your pocket and your home with buildings cover.

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Contents Insurance

Save yourself from having to rebuy your valuables in the event they are lost, stolen or damaged. Contents insurance can cover the loss of anything in your home that is not a fixture such as furniture, jewellery and white goods. You can also get Personal Possessions cover which protects items you take outside of your home such as mobiles, laptops and cameras.


Speak to us to find out all the ways we can protect your valuables. Call us or pop in for a quote.