Little run arounds, luxury cars and everything in between.

We’ve been arranging motor insurance for the local community of Enfield and around the UK since 1985. We can help you get the right premiums whether you have a car, motorbike or van.

We understand that our clients can have a range of specifications when it comes to their vehicles. We don’t use broad groups to try and make a customer “fall” into one of the predefined categories. Online quote forms and comparison car insurance sites can sacrifice good quality cover. This can leave you and your car vulnerable. We speak with you to understand how you use your vehicle to get you a cover that is suitable for you.

We work with a reputable panel of insurers, many of which aren’t on price comparison sites. Been refused a quote from other insurers? More often than not, we can provide you with a quote even when other insurers and bigger insurance brokers have struggled.

If the worst happens, we won’t leave you stranded when it matters the most. Making an insurance claim can be stressful. We’ll go through the whole process with you. We also provide a full non-fault accident management service as standard on all car insurance policies we provide.

We also offer….

Home Fleet

Have more than two cars registered to the same address? Why not look at our home fleet cover. This means you only need to think about one renewal date and you can benefit from multi-car cover discounts.

Commercial Fleet

Going for a commercial fleet policy can be a very economical choice for your business. Unlike big insurance companies, we can look at arranging you a commercial fleet policy with a minimum of just 2 vehicles. So whether you have vans, cars or a mixture of different types of vehicles, we can help.

Need A Quote?

Need a car insurance quote? Call us or pop in and we’ll get you a range of quotes tailored for you and your vehicle.