Whether you need Buildings Insurance, Contents Insurance or a joint Building and Contents Policy, we can find the right level of cover for you. If your needs should be a little out of the ordinary; we can usually offer a great rate where other companies would struggle to even quote. We seek out the lowest premiums without compromising on high quality cover. In times financial hardship, it is all too easy to contemplate cutting back on your Household Insurance, but this is a false economy it only takes one major claim to cost you thousands of pounds.

Each home is different. Whether it is of standard construction or the sort of house that has individual quirks and features, you need to speak to someone who has a specialist knowledge of both the usual and the unusual so that you have confidence in the cover you are getting, and peace of mind about the premiums you pay.

For these reasons, we do not have an on-line quotation system offering computerised rates.

Instead, we prefer to offer personal contact so that you can have the benefit of speaking to one of our experienced staff who will assess your individual needs and offer a policy that is tailored to what you want and at the best price.